2014 jeep cherokee vs bmw x5

2014 BMW X5 Review

This car can be categorized as the global best-selling car for sporty vehicle segment. 2014 BMW X5 offers you powerful design, luxurious interior, driving features and also efficiency. By innovating comfort enhancing functions, this car also able to make the passengers fall in love with the comfortable interior used in this car. Thanks to the air suspensions for making most consumer amaze with this BMW by providing enhanced ride comfort. […]

2015 mercedes-benz gla250 specs

2015 Mercedes-Benz GLA250 Specs

This SUV amaze the customers with its off-road ability which is combined with the impressive look design. 2015 Mercedes-Benz GLA250 offers the driver some great features such as agile handling system and high practicality in which those of them will ease most of the driver’s tasks. Another fascinating feature which is created by the GLA is variable and also flexible interior. It can be seen easily from the adjustable rear […]

2015 Ford Expedition King Ranch EL for sale

2015 Ford Expedition King Ranch EL

This SUV named 2015 Ford Expedition King Ranch ELwas designed mostly based on Expedition generations, with some refreshments too. Those refreshments can be easily seen by you from the front side, especially the brighter and more luxurious headlamp which is united with the grille. This eight seats vehicle still uses V-6 ecoboost 3.5 L to support the driving experience. As the result, this car will bring you to a pleasant […]

2016 Toyota Fuel Cell Sedan specs

2016 Toyota Fuel Cell Sedan

This TCV was firstly seen at Paris motor show in Europe. Toyota Motor Corporation was success in making the future car of hydrogen powered by announcing this 2016 Toyota Fuel Cell Sedan. As a fuel cell powered sedan, this car features many changes to make it practical to be used in everyday living. Those practicalities include adjustable radiator grille, fuel filler flap, and short time filling fuel tanks. 2016 Toyota […]

2014 Toyota C-HR review

2014 Toyota C-HR Review

Another vehicle which will be launched by Toyota is 2014 Toyota C-HR. This car concept is designed with unique architecture that can be seen easily from the sculpted body and flaring wheel arches. The frontal exterior is decorated with slim grille and strong detailing headlamps to give the best daytime light. This frontal treatment is also claimed by most people as the introduction of the future design of their vehicle. […]

2015 renault espace for sale

2015 Renault Escape Price

A sweeping line design and elegant interior which are brought by 2015 Renault Escape come to offer pleasure driving experience. This new crossover will appeal its characteristics such as the brightly cabin and comfort as what its previous generation. Then, the presence of this Escape generation should boasts great driving enjoyment as the innovations of dynamic performance and weight saving function. The Escape also coordinates advanced technology to enhance a […]